Indiana Line Diva 552

“A masterfully seasoned feast” – the Indiana Line Diva 552 test in the German magazine “Stereo”

Diva is a top series of the Indiana Line loudspeakers. A popular floor construction from this product line is the Diva 552. The possibilities of this model are described by Tom Frantzen from the German magazine "Stereo".

Indiana Line Diva 660

Bi-wiring – is it worth it?

Many audio users are looking for ways to improve the sound quality of their audio system. The owners of selected Indiana Line floorstanding models should definitely consider the use of bi-wiring. What is this solution and what are the benefits?

Indiana Line Diva 252 Test (“Audio Video”, PL)

The Indiana Line Diva 252 bookshelf speakers are the smallest model in the Diva series. It will be a good choice, especially for music lovers looking for bright and detailed sounding small speakers, as you can learn from the test in the "Audio Video" magazine.

Indiana Line Tesi 561

Indiana Line Tesi 561 Test (, CZ)

Tesi 561 are floorstanding loudspeakers that are a fantastic choice for your first audio system. The editors of the Czech website,, found out about it and tested the capabilities of this model.

Indiana Line Diva 252 and DJ 310 Test (“Audio Review”, IT)

Indiana Line Diva 252 and Indiana Line DJ 310 are two models of bookshelf speakers in a similar price range. Hence, the Italian magazine "Audio Review" decided to test the possibilities of both designs in a comparative test.

How to choose Indiana Line speakers depends of the room size?

The selection of loudspeakers to the size of a listening room has a substantial impact on the quality of the sound that we will ultimately achieve with their use.

Indiana Line Tesi 561

Indiana Line Tesi 561 Test (“Audio Video”, PL)

Indiana Line Tesi 561 are universal floorstanding speakers in terms of musical preferences. This model was tested by the editors of the Polish magazine "Audio Video".

Indiana line Tesi 261

Indiana Line Tesi 261 Test (“Audio Video”, PL)

Indiana Line Tesi 261 are aesthetically made bookshelf speakers that will match not only small rooms. You can find out about it on the basis of a test carried out in the Polish magazine "Audio Video".

Speakers placement – how to position the speakers in the room?

One of the key elements influencing the sound quality is not only the right choice of loudspeakers, but also their proper placement. We advise on what to pay attention to and how to properly position Indiana Line speakers.

Indiana Line Diva 660

Indiana Line Diva 660 Test (“Stereoplay”, DE)

The Diva 660 is the flagship floorstanding loudspeaker in the Indiana Line portfolio. In the case of this model we are dealing with a 3-way acoustical design equipped with four drivers and a bass-reflex cabinet. Its capabilities were tested by the editors of the German magazine "Stereoplay".

Indiana Line Tesi 561

Indiana Line Tesi 561 floorstanding model available in white

Indiana Line has introduced a new variant of the Tesi 561 floorstanding loudspeaker to its offer. The white color version – "Bianco" makes the loudspeakers match into the interior of the room, while ensuring an emotional and engaging sound, thanks to which users can easily immerse themselves in the sounds played.