„Who said hi-fi must be expensive?” –Indiana Line Tesi 561 test report on the online magazine AFDigitale

There are many ways to live and revive Hi-Fi and they are not necessarily expensive ways, on the contrary. This setup is a tangible demonstration of this.

Indiana Line Tesi 661

„Indiana Line is once again on the path of classic loudspeaker design” – Indiana Line Tesi 661 test in AV-Online magazine

„The Tesi 661 is the largest floorstander in the range, but it still keeps a low profile thanks to its unobtrusive stature and understated, elegant appearance. Inside, double stiffening and the right amount of damping material have been applied, which we’re sure to need when listening to music, because from what we know so far, […]


“Fast tracking, catchy chords, youthful verve and clean performance” – Indiana Line DJ310 review in AV-Online magazine

The DJ 310 is the larger of the two models in the DJ series. It combines high quality sound with easy setup. The tester was curious to see what the Indiana Line retro boxes, popular in our country, could do.

Indiana Line Tesi 261

„Vibrance, temperament, dynamic tone” – Indiana Line Tesi 261 test in AV-Online magazine

The design of the Tesi speakers makes this series perfect for almost any interior layout, no matter if you choose floorstanding or smaller models. The Tesi 261 bookshelf speaker not only looks great, but also delivers a full, polished sound that is unmatched in price.

Indiana Line Tesi 561 Test

„Really compact and really big” – Indiana Line Tesi 561 in AV-Online magazine

Indiana Line’s Tesi 561 combines classic shapes with modern rounded edges. A true essence of Italian design thinking, the Tesi Series speaker is finished in a durable and aesthetically pleasing vinyl enclosure. This speaker not only looks good, but also surprises the listener with its rich yet sophisticated sound.

Indiana Line Tesi 661

„Listening pleasure” – subjective test of Indiana Line Tesi 561 and Tesi 661 on

The possibilities of two Indiana Line floorstanding constructions from the Tesi series – in a stereo hardware configuration – were checked by the representatives of the polish network of specialized audio-video stores, Top Hi-Fi & Video Design.

Indiana Line Diva 552

“A masterfully seasoned feast” – the Indiana Line Diva 552 test in the German magazine “Stereo”

Diva is a top series of the Indiana Line loudspeakers. A popular floor construction from this product line is the Diva 552. The possibilities of this model are described by Tom Frantzen from the German magazine "Stereo".

Indiana Line Diva 660

Bi-wiring – is it worth it?

Many audio users are looking for ways to improve the sound quality of their audio system. The owners of selected Indiana Line floorstanding models should definitely consider the use of bi-wiring. What is this solution and what are the benefits?

Indiana Line Diva 252 Test (“Audio Video”, PL)

The Indiana Line Diva 252 bookshelf speakers are the smallest model in the Diva series. It will be a good choice, especially for music lovers looking for bright and detailed sounding small speakers, as you can learn from the test in the "Audio Video" magazine.

Indiana Line Tesi 561

Indiana Line Tesi 561 Test (, CZ)

Tesi 561 are floorstanding loudspeakers that are a fantastic choice for your first audio system. The editors of the Czech website,, found out about it and tested the capabilities of this model.

Indiana Line Diva 252 and DJ 310 Test (“Audio Review”, IT)

Indiana Line Diva 252 and Indiana Line DJ 310 are two models of bookshelf speakers in a similar price range. Hence, the Italian magazine "Audio Review" decided to test the possibilities of both designs in a comparative test.

How to choose Indiana Line speakers depends of the room size?

The selection of loudspeakers to the size of a listening room has a substantial impact on the quality of the sound that we will ultimately achieve with their use.