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The new generation of the Tesi series expands the Indiana Line brand portfolio

Indiana Line introduces models from the new Tesi series generation, adding five new speaker columns to its lineup: floorstanding Tesi 5 and Tesi 6, bookshelf Tesi 2 and Tesi 3, and the central speaker Tesi 7. Each of these models has been enhanced compared to its predecessors, incorporating solutions inspired by the flagship Diva series by Indiana Line. This integration allows for a modern, clean, open, and engaging sound while maintaining an attractive price-to-quality ratio.

Indiana Line is a well-regarded audio brand originating from Italy, with a rich history dating back to 1977. The manufacturer’s primary goal has always been to achieve excellent build quality while rationally utilizing components. The latest generation of Tesi speakers, comprising five precisely designed and optimized models, is a testament to this commitment. With the new Tesi line, users can create both an outstanding stereo system and a home theatre setup. The diversity in design and colour options enables users to craft a perfectly tailored audio setup to meet their specific needs.

Optimised electroacoustic transducers

All transducers used in the newly released Tesi models have been carefully selected and optimized to deliver a balanced, yet dynamic and detailed sound. The 26-millimeter high-frequency transducer – consistent across all five models – features a new rectangular front, inspired by the latest speakers from the flagship Diva series but with a simpler mounting technique. This design ensures seamless integration with the other transducers, equipped with decorative trim rings and durable polypropylene membranes blended with mica.

Reinforced constructions

The enclosures of the new Tesi series generation models have been additionally reinforced to minimize unwanted resonances of the walls and reduce standing waves inside the columns. The most significant improvements in this regard are applied to the Tesi 5 and 6 models, utilizing a dense bracing network befitting the top-tier floorstanding designs of the Indiana Line brand. Furthermore, the midrange transducer in the three-way Tesi 6 speaker operates independently in its enclosed chamber, offering unparalleled clarity and spaciousness in reproducing sound in the mid-range of the acoustic spectrum.

Bass reflex enclosures

Each model features a bass reflex enclosure, tuned to achieve a deep yet fast bass response. The largest floorstanding column, Tesi 6, has its bass reflex port located at the base, reducing the audibility of resonances while allowing the column to be placed close to the wall without concerns about excessive low-frequency emphasis. The smaller floorstanding column, Tesi 5, and the larger bookshelf column, Tesi 3, have their bass reflex port on the front of the enclosure, providing flexibility in room placement. The smallest bookshelf column, Tesi 2, and the central speaker Tesi 7 have rear-ported bass reflex enclosures, allowing them to effectively boost low frequencies when placed closer to a wall.

Innovative Dual-Wave upper suspension

All low- and mid-frequency electroacoustic drivers feature a new Dual-Wave upper suspension, resembling of stage speakers with accordion-like surround. The Dual-Wave technology was first implemented in the new models from the flagship Diva series. Dual-Wave effectively expands the linear range of the speaker while simultaneously reducing intermodulation distortions, particularly in the low, bass registers. Improved articulation in the midrange is also evident. The positive impact of Dual-Wave suspension is particularly noticeable in the sound reproduction of string, acoustic, and percussion instruments.

Optimised crossovers

Loudspeakers in the new generation of the Tesi series boast redesigned speaker crossovers. These crossovers have been optimized using state-of-the-art design methods and specialized measurement systems. When developing the crossovers for each model, the same topology and component quality as those found in the Diva series crossovers were maintained. The optimization of crossover parameters has resulted in balanced impedance characteristics, reduced power losses, and minimized distortion. This allows the new Tesi speakers to seamlessly cooperate with virtually any amplifier or receiver.

Improved magnetic motor system

The magnetic systems of the low-frequency and mid-frequency transducers were inspired by those used in the latest models from the Diva series by Indiana Line. Equipped with inductance-linearising rings, they have undergone thorough optimisation. The substantial enlargement of the magnets has contributed to enhanced sound processing in the low-frequency range, allowing for further distortion reduction, improved efficiency, and stability when reproducing signals with high amplitudes. Consequently, the sound produced by the new Tesi series speakers is dynamic, clear, and articulate, even at high volume levels, irrespective of the genre of the played music.

The universal, stylish finish

The speakers from the new Tesi series generation are versatile not only in terms of sound but also in design. They feature a stylish PVC finish available in colours such as black oak, white, or mocha. The diversity of available models (two floorstanding, two bookshelves, and a central speaker) and colour variants makes it easy to configure a perfectly matched setup for any room arrangement. The overall aesthetics are complemented by gently rounded upper edges of the speaker enclosures and magnetically attached grilles.

Anticipated availability

Models from the new Tesi series generation will be available through our retail partners in March of this year.


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