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“Fast tracking, catchy chords, youthful verve and clean performance” – Indiana Line DJ310 review in AV-Online magazine

The DJ 310 is the larger of the two models in the DJ series. It combines high quality sound with easy setup. A bass-reflex cabinet design with front panel slots ensures the right level of low frequency reproduction. This allows the speaker to be placed against the wall or in the corner of the room without compromising sound quality. The powerful bass delivered by the DJ 310 is perfectly matched to the clear and detailed sound. This acoustic design easily reproduces all the nuances inherent in the latest digital formats as well as high-resolution files.

Indiana Line DJ Fot.

The tester was curious to see what the Indiana Line retro boxes, popular in our country, could do.

“We chose the more prolific of the two in the DJ series because we were curious to see what these Italians mean by the two-letter name and the hot, retro look”.

The journalist was surprised to find that despite its massive dimensions, the speaker doesn’t have a violent, booming sound at all.

„We thought we would simply be covered by the bass, and for the price we get a slightly raw, forced midrange and treble. This was not the case at all!”.


The test writer continued:

“Although the Indiana Line DJ 310 has a huge amount of power, its reserves are inexhaustible, it stays in proportion and plays young, fresh and airy, absolutely blowing away our expectations. It handled the notes with ease, combined with a stage presence and grip that was out of its league, and a musicality that was not only palpable but audible throughout”.

The editor was very positive about the sound:

“The mid-range dominated the songs, and it took the obstacles very clearly and smoothly, which we were not afraid to roll out. Even King Crimson’s clever arrangements were not a problem for him, and the only thing we missed from the ELP gig was some power from the drums and keyboards, apart from which everything was absolutely fine. Sheryl Crow was no challenge for him”.



“Contrary to its name, Indiana Line DJ 310 is not for dance music fans. Its youthful, fresh, fast and precise character makes it instantly likeable, and its huge reserves make it an excellent choice for filling large spaces”.

Read the full article here. (in Hungarian)

Indiana Line loudspeakers, including the DJ310 model tested, are available from official dealers in many countries. To find out where your nearest Indiana Line dealer is, check the List of Dealers” page.

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