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Indiana Line invites you to High End Munich 2024

We would like to warmly invite you to visit Indiana Line’s own exhibition at the Munich High End show this year. You will find us in two places – in Hall 2 (booth J06) and in Atrium 4.2 (second floor, room F231d). During this unique event, we will present a cross-section of the brand’s product offering, led by the latest speakers from the top-of-the-line Diva series and premiere models from the Tesi line. The static exhibition in the hall will be accompanied by a listening room in the Atrium, where we have prepared a surprise presentation for you.

We invite you to join us from Thursday, May 9 from 10 am to Sunday, May 12 until 4 pm, with Thursday at the Munich fair exclusively for sales partners.

New Generation of the Diva series

At such a prestigious event, which High End Munich 2024 undoubtedly is, we couldn’t miss our flagship line of speakers, the Diva. The Diva 3 and Diva 5 models, as they are referred to, made their market debut in the last quarter of last year and began a new chapter in the history of the Indiana Line brand. The completely new technical solutions used in them resulted in an extremely versatile and natural sound, as well as a remarkable appearance. Come and witness the sonic capabilities of the Diva Series models and be enchanted by their unique style.

Tesi series in a new version

At High End Munich 2024, you will also be able to see speakers from the new version of the Tesi series, which had their premiere quite recently, at the end of March this year. This lineup includes the floorstanding models Tesi 5 and Tesi 6, the stand-mounted Tesi 2 and Tesi 3, and the center speaker Tesi 7. All of them have been improved compared to their predecessors. The new designs incorporate solutions used in the top-of-the-line Diva series, resulting in a modern sound that is clear, open, and engaging, all while maintaining an exceptionally attractive price-to-quality ratio.

Other products

Our exhibitions will also feature products that are already well-known to enthusiasts of good sound and fans of the Indiana Line brand, products of which we are also extremely proud of and which continue to enjoy unabated popularity among our customers. We are referring here to the affordably priced speaker columns from our Note series, powerful stand-mounted models from the DJ series, or subwoofers from the Basso series. During High End Munich 2024, you will also be able to see installation speakers from our lineup.

Surprise presentation

However, that’s not all we have prepared for you at this year’s High End trade fair. Visitors to our listening room in Atrium 4.2 (second floor, room F231d) can enjoy a unique musical surprise. We hope it will pleasantly surprise you, especially your ears. See you at High End Munich 2024!

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