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Indiana Line Diva 3 and Diva 5 speakers – a new chapter in the brand’s history

Indiana Line presents its most advanced loudspeakers – the bookshelf Diva 3 and the floorstanding Diva 5. Completely new technical solutions incorporated into their design resulted in an extremely universal, natural and engaging sound, as well as an original appearance. Thanks to this, the Diva 3 and Diva 5 speakers will work well in various types of audio systems, captivating the listener with their exceptional sound and style.

Indiana Line New Diva

The Diva 3 and Diva 5 models have been meticulously designed, paying attention to the smallest details. The bookshelf Diva 3 is a 2-way model, while the floorstanding Diva 5 is an advanced 2,5-way design. Both speakers have a bass reflex cabinet with a port in the front, which allows them to be placed very close to the wall.

Slightly tilted front

The column cabinets have a characteristic, slightly tilted front. It is properly placed in the box – shallower at the bottom and deeper at the top. The front panel has a constant thickness – in the case of the Diva 3 model it is 25 mm, and in the Diva 5 the front is 30 mm thick. This design contributes to both increased mechanical stability of the loudspeaker and the prevention of unwanted vibrations, allowing for transparent sound.

Dual-Wave suspension drivers

The low- and low-midrange drivers in the new Diva series of loudspeakers use the proprietary Dual-Wave surround. This is a precisely designed upper suspension of the membrane, contributing to the extension of the linear operating range of the loudspeaker and significant reduction of bass distortion. Furthermore, it results in better sound, especially of percussion, string and acoustic instruments. Dual-Wave’s structure resembles the so-called accordion suspension, commonly used in professional stage loudspeakers. Moreover, the design of the aluminum basket of the mid-bass driver has been improved. It features smoother ribbing, reducing air resistance behind the membrane and, consequently, minimizing resonances. The magnetic drives have been optimized using the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) method, which results in stable behavior and low distortion even at the largest signal amplitudes.

Curv membranes

All low- and low-midrange drivers have membranes made of durable Curv woven polypropylene. They have been developed specifically and exclusively for Indiana Line Diva loudspeakers. This material combines the advantages of natural material membranes with the advantages of rigid membranes (high dynamics, precision and a wide, even frequency response). It ensures neutral and precise sound reproduction, especially in the low tones. This results in excellent directional characteristics and optimal damping across a wide frequency range, while maintaining a minimum level of distortion.

Tweeter with rubber front

Both models are equipped with a tweeter proven in the previous series. Thanks to Radial Vent technology (radial damping chamber) there are no resonances typical of chambers placed directly behind the dome, which allows for the reproduction of natural-sounding, uncolored sopranos. A new, key element is the carefully developed design of the tweeter’s front plate. It is cast from aluminum and surrounded by appropriately profiled rubber. This ensures appropriate treble dispersion and effectively reduces vibrations. It also helps to widen the sound stage and better fill the room with trebles.

Computer-optimized crossover

The crossovers in the Diva 3 and Diva 5 loudspeakers have been optimized using the latest computer techniques, and the obtained results were meticulously verified through many hours of listening tests. The tweeter filter section uses only air coils and foil capacitors. Iron-core coils, if present in the crossover, have a laminated core of high-silicon iron, which minimizes distortion from such elements. The individual components of the crossover have been selected to obtain low power losses, low distortion level and a balanced frequency response in the widest possible range of processed frequencies. With a minimum impedance of 4 ohms, the new Diva speakers can work with virtually any amplifier in an audio system.

Versatile sound

The new Indiana Line loudspeakers not only look great, but also deliver exceptional sound quality. It is clean, dynamic, yet natural and musical. Crystal-clear trebles harmonize perfectly with the strong, natural midrange and deep, well-controlled bass. Thanks to this, the Diva 3 and Diva 5 models fear no challenges. They are perfect for various audio systems and for any, even the most demanding music genres.

Diva 3 and Diva 5 – finish and availability

Indiana Line Diva 3 and Diva 5 models are offered in two color variants – all-black or oak with a white front. Each of them comes with a black grill, magnetically attached, and the floor model is equipped with aluminum feet with rubber vibration dampers. The fronts of the columns are coated with matte lacquer and the cabinets are covered with PVC veneer. The design of the new Indiana Line speakers allows them to easily blend into the decor of any interior.

The Diva 3 and Diva 5 columns by Indiana Line will be available from our sales partners starting in November this year.

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