• black-glossy

Diva 660

The Indiana Line Diva 660 floorstanding loudspeakers have a "floating" tweeter placed between the woofer and the midrange driver. This construction is distinguished by the naturalness of mapping, among others vocals without overloading them with low frequencies, and at the same time provides detailed sound with strong bass. The wide sound stage and stylish, glossy finish emphasizing the high class of the product also deserve attention. These free-standing loudspeakers will be useful especially in rooms of more than 15 m2.
  • high gloss black

Diva 552

The Indiana Line Diva 552 loudspeakers have carefully selected materials for the membranes of the drivers, which allowed for clear and strong midrange tones. In turn, isolating the tweeter from the cabinet guarantees detailed and open high frequencies. The whole thing is complemented by a deep and warm bass sound. The solid structure of the cabinet made of MDF perfectly suppresses unwanted vibrations. With the use of the Indiana Line Diva 552 floorstanding model, we can successfully amplify a room of up to 20 m2, while ensuring a distortion-free sound.
  • high gloss black

Diva 262

The Indiana Line Diva 262 model is a perfect reflection of the manufacturer's commitment to high-quality workmanship. There is no shortage of materials and solutions used in larger and much more expensive constructions (also those available in other models in the Diva series). Perfect refinement translates into a detailed sound with strong bass. The Indiana Line Diva loudspeakers are distinguished by a deep and warm sound of bass, which gives the played sounds a decisive character, complementing the detailed mids and highs. The column is perfect for places where floorstanding columns cannot be placed.
  • high gloss black

Diva 252

The Indiana Line Diva 252 two-way compact loudspeaker, covered with black piano lacquer, is a design with a back firing bass reflex port, in which a properly tuned crossover with a crossover frequency of 2.9 kHz ensures the proper assignment of the processed frequency band to individual drivers. Indiana Line Diva 252 will work in smaller and medium-sized rooms – of up to approx. 15 m2, e.g. as an element of a compact stereo system, but also in home theater systems (as effect speakers), ensuring high sound quality.
  • high gloss black

Diva 752

The Indiana Line Diva 752 loudspeaker has a cabinet construction using a bass reflex system. In combination with other Indiana Line Diva loudspeakers, it allows you to create a high-quality home theater system that provides rich sound in a wide range of processed frequency bands. The tweeter (silk dome tweeter) is located symmetrically between two Curv woofers (14 cm in diameter each). The loudspeaker has a cabinet that perfectly suppresses unwanted vibrations. Indiana Line Diva 752 provides dynamic and clear sound, even at high volume levels.