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„Vibrance, temperament, dynamic tone” – Indiana Line Tesi 261 test in AV-Online magazine

The design of the Tesi series speakers is embodied in their classic and modern enclosures with rounded corners. This is confirmed by the Tesi 261 bookshelf model. Here a durable yet highly aesthetic vinyl has been used. Available in two colours – light walnut and black oak. The design of the Tesi speakers makes this series perfect for almost any interior layout, no matter if you choose floorstanding or smaller models. The Tesi 261 bookshelf speaker not only looks great, but also delivers a full, polished sound that is unmatched in price.

Indiana Line Tesi 261

 The journalist was delighted to test another model from the brand:

„We had a great time with the smaller floorstanding speaker in the Italian Indiana Line Tesi series (561), so it was a no-brainer that the next showcase from the manufacturer and the series would be the biggest bookshelf speaker, the Tesi 261”.

After testing the different music genres, the following words of praise were given to the speaker:

„Acoustic rock, blues and jazz felt the most comfortable with the Tesi 261, where they simply had to make music, and they manage. On Shirley Bassey, speakers gave more of the space, on Eric Clapton they were able to deliver all the ripples of acoustic guitar alongside the often raspy vocals, but even the vehemence and swampy blues compositions of From the Cradle’s ancient roots didn’t get to them”.

Indiana Line Tesi 261

Indiana Line’s Tesi 261 has many advantages:

„Beautiful craftsmanship, quality finish rarely found in its category, proportionate design. A warm, full-bodied and stable soundstage, with a dominant but not overpowering low end. A music-filled stage where the overall picture, not the details, is the key”.


„For HUF 150,000, the Indiana Line Tesi 261 delivers a look and sound that you wouldn’t necessarily expect in this price category”.

A Recommended Buy!

Indiana Line Tesi 261

The full article can be read HERE (in Hungarian).

The Indiana Line loudspeakers, including the tested Tesi 261 model, are available from authorized dealers in many countries. If you want to find out where your nearest Indiana Line dealer is, check the „Dealer List” tab.

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