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Indiana Line Diva 252 Test (“Audio Video”, PL)

The Indiana Line Diva 252 bookshelf speakers are the smallest model in the Diva series. It will be a good choice, especially for music lovers looking for bright and detailed sounding small speakers, as you can learn from the test in the “Audio Video” magazine.

From the construction side, the author pays special attention to a solid cabinet:

“The cabinet is not bad – it is made of 15 to 18 mm thick MDF panels. The precision with which the cutter for the mid-woofer was made is amazing – the fit is so tight that after removing the screws, it still sits firmly in its place and you need to use a lot of force to push the woofer out from the terminals.”

In terms of sound, the Diva 252 monitors proved to be “loudspeakers with very good precision”:

“The Italian monitors are characterized by transparency and good resolution, which is not limited only to the treble, but also stretches across the entire band. Indiana plays vocals very clearly. They’re great at rendering the rapacity of electric guitars.”

We can also meet with similar accuracy in the lowest frequency range:

“The precision also applies to the bass, which is the area that causes the most trouble for small loudspeakers in this respect. I was satisfied with both the edge rendering and the filling of the range in question. There was a lot going on at the bottom –  it could be heard that the bass has different shades, that its dynamics is important, both in the macro and micro scale. Anyway, dynamics can be applied to the whole frequency range. It is good in all respects and in its entirety.”

In the summary you can read that:

“Indiana Diva 252 surprised us with its precision and dynamics. These detailed and vivid sounding loudspeakers balance on the border between brightening and sharpening. It depends on the connected electronics in which direction their sound will ultimately go.”

You can find the full review HERE.

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