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Indiana Line Tesi 561 Test (, CZ)

Tesi 561 are floorstanding loudspeakers that are a fantastic choice for your first audio system. The editors of the Czech website,, found out about it and tested the capabilities of this model.

The author of the review at the very beginning emphasizes that he “likes to spend time with the Indiana Line loudspeakers”, arguing that these loudspeakers make a concept that can be summed up in the words “music in the first place”. It is no different with the Tesi 561 model, which was difficult to find fault with.

A significant advantage of the tested loudspeakers was the ease of use:

“Tesi 561 are high sensitivity speakers (92dB) and will easily cooperate with any amplifier. At the same time I found them to be not demanding in terms of room placement. The front-firing bass-reflex port helps here. It did not take even finishing the usual 5 minutes of my trusted pink noise stereo track before I was set and ready to listen.”

The editor also paid attention to the soundstage created by Tesi 561:

“The Indiana Line Tesi 561 managed to create a rather good illusion of three-dimensional space. Each of the native instruments, that open Dead Can Dance’s phenomenal Rakim from their live set, was clearly heard from its dedicated position within the soundstage. The Tesi 561 were able to distinct between what was upper and what lower, what was nearer and what farther. No all speakers – irrespective of their price – can do this.”

Bass lovers will surely be pleased with the bass offered by the tested loudspeakers:

„Although the Indiana Line are rather small speakers, they managed to develop the bass fully in the room so that it had physical presence in my chest. Sure, there are limits to how loud you can listen with the Tesi 561, yet at the level of 85dB I was still in the speakers’ comfort zone, although the room was not small at 90m3. Don’t get fooled by its diminutive size, they definitely don’t need a subwoofer.”

You can read a full review of the Indiana Line Tesi 561 floorstanding speaker HERE.

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