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„Listening pleasure” – subjective test of Indiana Line Tesi 561 and Tesi 661 on

The possibilities of two Indiana Line floorstanding constructions from the Tesi series – in a stereo hardware configuration – were checked by the representatives of the polish network of specialized audio-video stores, Top Hi-Fi & Video Design. Let’s see how the Tesi 661 and Tesi 561 speakers fared in the test published on as the part of the Top Hi-Fi subjectively series.

Indiana Line Tesi 661
Indiana Line Tesi 661

When choosing loudspeakers, despite the sound, their appearance is also important. The designers of the Indiana Line models focused on classic solutions, which did not escape the reviewer’s attention:

„The Indiana Line loudspeakers have a very traditional and non-extravagant appearance but maintained in a style that you may like. Looking at them, you get the impression that they are devices that offer only reliable solutions, without any tampering. That is why they give the sense of confidence even at first glance”.

The smaller of the two mentioned Tesi 561 models, among others, thanks to the slim cabinet, will be perfect for medium-sized rooms. The tester also noted the finish of this loudspeaker:

„The tested units are covered with a light walnut vinyl, which is extremely pleasing to the eye and gives the speakers a friendly, polite, even salon-like character”.

Indiana Line Tesi 551

How did the Indiana Line Tesi 561 fare during stereo listenings? On the example of the song „Master of Puppets” by Metallica, it looks like this:

„The Tesi 561 loudspeakers have sufficient resolution to be able to enjoy various nuances, but they never come to the fore and the loudspeakers play all the music without focusing too much on its details. It’s easy to like it, and also to come to the conclusion that these are not loudspeakers designed for energetic party music blaring or for analyzing a recording, but for creating an atmosphere in which we simply enjoy listening”.

Apart from Tesi 561, the largest model from this series of the Indiana Line loudspeakers, Tesi 661, was also tested. Before going to the listening session, the tester emphasized the technical aspects of this slightly more structurally advanced model:

„Both designs share the same tweeters, mid-woofers and woofers. But Tesi 661 has one more woofer and is a three-way design, not a 2,5-way design like the smaller Tesi 561. The cabinet design also differs, because Tesi 561 has a bass reflex port at the front and Tesi 661 in the base of the column”.

Indiana Line Tesi 661

In the set with the same audio components and the same wiring as in the case of Tesi 561, the sound of the stereo „duo” consisting of the Tesi 661 speakers was also checked. This is in many respects similar to the way the Tesi 561 speakers sound. In the tester’s opinion it is possible to capture the differences between both models:

„Larger loudspeakers have a much stronger bass. It’s nice, full of nuances, but still, just like in the case of Tesi 561, it is more suitable for quiet listening than for strong, party music blaring”.

„The Tesi 661 speakers also play with greater momentum and create more extensive space. The pleasure of listening is still a priority here”.

So, which of these two models to choose – Tesi 561 or Tesi 661? The answer to this question isn’t obvious, which is confirmed by the reviewer’s words:

„The choice between Tesi 561 and Tesi 661 will depend mainly on how big the listening room we have and how they fit with the other elements of our system. We’ll rather put 561 in the smaller rooms, and 661 in the bigger ones. Anyway, fun guaranteed”.

The full text of the review can be found on HERE. (in Polish)

The Indiana Line loudspeakers, including the tested Tesi 561 and Tesi 661 models, are available from authorized dealers in many countries. For details on the location of your nearest Indiana Line dealer, please see the „Dealer List” tab.

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