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“A masterfully seasoned feast” – the Indiana Line Diva 552 test in the German magazine “Stereo”

Diva is a top series of the Indiana Line loudspeakers. The models belonging to it have stylish, black cabinets, finished with a high gloss, and a characteristic element of the Diva series is a driver with a membrane made of a composite called Curv. A popular floor construction from this product line is the Diva 552. The possibilities of this model are described by Tom Frantzen from the German magazine “Stereo”.

Indiana Line Diva 552

The passage on the Indiana Line floorstanding loudspeakers begins really intriguingly:

“What Diva 552 presents – in piano lacquer finish and only 82,5 cm high – is really a small miracle.”

Tom Frantzen from the “Stereo” magazine also draws attention to the construction of the Diva 552 loudspeakers:

“The cabinet is made of MDF panels, acoustically stiffened, there is also a rubber, damped base, three high-quality drivers and a refined crossover. The midrange driver is similar to a woofer, with the exception of Curv material membranes, specially baked and processed polypropylene fibers used by manufacturers such as Martin Logan, Sonus Faber and Wilson Benesch. The tweeter is a checked soft dome”.

About the sound of the Diva 552 loudspeakers Tom writes briefly, but unusually meaningfully:

“You can immediately hear that something special is playing here – and we are talking about a price of around 1000 EUR PER PAIR!”

“The Barbra Streisand album sounds phenomenally coherent, without exaggerated effects. It is simply a musical feast – masterfully “seasoned”!

Indiana Line Diva 552

This is what Tom Frantzen wrote in the summary of his review in the passage about the Indiana Line Diva 552 loudspeakers:

“Despite the affordable price, the Diva 552 is an extremely coherent and musical floorstanding speaker with a small size, very well made, which encourages very long, fatigue-free listening sessions. It provides a relaxing sound.”

The full text of the review is available in the magazine “Stereo” 9/2022. You can also see it HERE (in German).

The Indiana Line loudspeakers, including the tested Diva 552 model, are available from authorized dealers in many countries. If you want to find out where your nearest Indiana Line dealer is, check the “Dealer List” tab.

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