Tesi 561

The 2,5-way Indiana Line Tesi 561 model is a floorstanding front bass reflex speaker, which uses a tweeter with a diameter of 26 mm and 160-mm drivers: mid-woofer and woofer. The massive cabinet rests on a lacquered base. The Tesi series model will work best in medium and larger rooms – from 16 to approx. 25 m2, ensuring high dynamics of the reproduced signal and appropriate dispersion of medium tones.


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Indiana Line Tesi 561

Indiana Line is one of the leading Italian brands offering loudspeakers and installation loudspeakers. Its history and traditions date back to 1977. The goal of the engineers and designers working for the Indiana Line brand remains the highest quality of workmanship, combined with the rational use of components. All this is to achieve the sound that goes far beyond the parameters, possible to get in a similar price range.

Durable and aesthetic design

The Indiana Line Tesi 561 cabinet combines classic shapes with modern rounded edges. Being a true essence of Italian design thought, the Tesi series speaker has been finished with durable and aesthetic vinyl. It is available in three colors – white, black oak or light walnut. The Tesi 561 model is perfect for interiors with almost any arrangement. This loudspeaker not only looks great, but also surprises the listener with its full, yet mature sound.

2,5-way floor-standing model

The Tesi 561 model is a 2,5-way floor-standing design. In addition to the 26 mm silk dome tweeter, a 160 mm mid-woofer and a 160 mm woofer with a large linear excursion of the membrane have been used here, which translates into high dynamics of the bass driver signal reproduction. The massive cabinet of the Tesi 561 loudspeaker hides two internal reinforcements and rests on an elegant, lacquered base. The bass reflex port is placed at the front baffle, which facilitates the setup of Tesi 561 even close to the wall. Tesi 561 is a construction designed for use in medium-sized listening rooms – from 16 to 25 m2. This loudspeaker has an amplifier loading impedance between 4 – 8 ohms, and the amplifier power – necessary to power this speaker unit – should be in the range of 30 to 150 W.

Detailed and full sound

The well-shaped cone of the mid-woofer used in the Tesi 561 is made of a mixture of polypropylene and a mineral called mica, which gives the membrane the rigidity necessary for extremely precise reproduction of micro-details. The stationary phase plug located in the center of the woofer provides a wide dispersion of the acoustic band mid-frequencies, filling the listening room with them. The bass driver located below is distinguished by a cellulose-pulp membrane, famous for its warm and powerful reproduction of the lower frequencies. A silk dome tweeter with a strong neodymium magnet and a radial rear chamber has been placed in a specially profiled front, as close as possible to the mid-woofer. It offers open and clear treble with a sparkle of finesse in the highest octave, while perfectly blending with the mid-woofer. Importantly, the design of the tweeter filter is based only on on-air coils and foil capacitors, which makes Tesi 561 sound very impressive compared to competitive models. Noteworthy is the low and smooth tuning of the bass reflex system, which allows for deep and dynamic bass.

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The most important features of the Tesi 561 model:

  • 2.5-way acoustical design
  • Crossover frequencies: 180 Hz and 2,8 kHz
  • 160 mm woofer
  • 160 mm mid-woofer
  • 26 mm silk dome tweeter
  • Bass reflex cabinet with a front-firing port
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz to 22 kHz
  • Bi-amping / bi-wiring capability
  • Finish: white, black oak or light walnut
  • Suggested amplifier power: 30 – 150 W
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB (2,8 V / 1 m)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 890 x 180 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 13,7 kg

Technical data

Speaker alignment / type

2,5-way / floorstanding

Box aligment / port placement

bass-reflex / front

Driver diameter

midwoofer: 1 x 160 mm, mica-polypropylene cone, tweeter: 26 mm, silk dome, woofer: 1 x 160 mm, natural cellulose pulp cone

Frequency response

35 – 22000 Hz

Sensitivity (2,8 V/1 m)

92 dB


180 / 2800 Hz

Bi-wiring / bi-amping


Amplifier loading impedance

4 – 8 ohm

Suggested amplifier power

30 – 150 W

Suggested room size

16 – 25 m²

Suggested placement

close to the wall

Dimensions (H x W x D)

890 x 180 x 300


black oak, light walnut, white


13,7 kg

100% polyester damping

All Indiana Line cabinets are filled with polyester – a synthetic non-woven fabric of high purity, known for its excellent damping of the internal resonances of the speaker cabinets. What's more, polyester is also extremely resistant to stretching, drying and moisture.

100% polyester damping

Air coils and film capacitors

In order to emphasize the exceptionally clear and natural sound of our loudspeakers, we decided to get rid of the troublesome components from the crossover where it was necessary – in the tweeter filter. In all loudspeaker models in which this filter is used, we use only air coils and foil capacitors. These elements do not introduce harmful distortions to the filtered signal, as is the case with ferrite core coils and electrolytic capacitors.

Air coils and film capacitors


The short-circuit ring is made of pure, perfectly electrically conductive aluminum (1010). It has been placed inside the magnetic system of the mid-woofer. By linearizing the impedance of the loudspeaker, it positively influences the sound of the low and medium frequencies of the acoustic band, significantly reducing non-linear distortions. The ring also absorbs the heat emitted from the speaker coil, increasing its thermal load capacity.


MDF housing with transverse reinforcements

Indiana Line loudspeakers cabinets are made of MDF panels. They are made using the latest production techniques, which ensures high precision of workmanship, great repeatability and excellent performance parameters for many years. MDF is a moisture-resistant material, it is massive and it suppresses all resonances very well. To completely remove unwanted vibrations, we used transverse reinforcements of the cabinet. They take the form of horizontal rings that are located at key points along the entire height of the loudspeaker cabinet.

MDF housing with transverse reinforcements

Mica-poly cone

Universal and extremely popular polypropylene is a valued material, often used for speaker membranes. However, in order to ensure the most faithful transmission of micro-details, we decided to further increase the stiffness of the cone. We achieved this by doping polypropylene with a mineral called mica. This shiny, hard material significantly improves the parameters of the membrane, guaranteeing the transducer a long and reliable operation, and at the same time giving it an attractive appearance.

Mica-poly cone


A radial damping chamber that prevents harmful reflections under the tweeter dome while allowing it to achieve a low resonance frequency. The small, but at the same time strong, neodymium magnet of the tweeter is surrounded by a space in which – due to its shape – standing waves cannot be generated, which is the case with classic radial chambers located in the axis of the dome.


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