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Indiana Line Diva 252 Test (“Audio Video”, PL)

The Indiana Line Diva 252 bookshelf speakers are the smallest model in the Diva series. It will be a good choice, especially for music lovers looking for bright and detailed sounding small speakers, as you can learn from the test in the “Audio Video” magazine.

From the construction side, the author pays special attention to a solid cabinet:

“The cabinet is not bad – it is made of 15 to 18 mm thick MDF panels. The precision with which the cutter for the mid-woofer was made is amazing – the fit is so tight that after removing the screws, it still sits firmly in its place and you need to use a lot of force to push the woofer out from the terminals.”

In terms of sound, the Diva 252 monitors proved to be “loudspeakers with very good precision”:

“The Italian monitors are characterized by transparency and good resolution, which is not limited only to the treble, but also stretches across the entire band. Indiana plays vocals very clearly. They’re great at rendering the rapacity of electric guitars.”

We can also meet with similar accuracy in the lowest frequency range:

“The precision also applies to the bass, which is the area that causes the most trouble for small loudspeakers in this respect. I was satisfied with both the edge rendering and the filling of the range in question. There was a lot going on at the bottom –  it could be heard that the bass has different shades, that its dynamics is important, both in the macro and micro scale. Anyway, dynamics can be applied to the whole frequency range. It is good in all respects and in its entirety.”

In the summary you can read that:

“Indiana Diva 252 surprised us with its precision and dynamics. These detailed and vivid sounding loudspeakers balance on the border between brightening and sharpening. It depends on the connected electronics in which direction their sound will ultimately go.”

You can find the full review HERE.

Indiana Line Diva 252 and DJ 310 Test (“Audio Review”, IT)

Indiana Line Diva 252 and Indiana Line DJ 310 are two models of bookshelf speakers in a similar price range. Hence, the Italian magazine “Audio Review” decided to test the possibilities of both designs in a comparative test.

The author noted that Diva 252 are compact and well-refined loudspeakers we have got used to by Indiana Line:

“Indiana Line will almost always find a way to surprise us with an extremely economical product that sounds very sophisticated and can handle enormous sound pressure without making the sound thick or harsh. The look is captivating and luxurious – all at an affordable price.”

Quality at an affordable price are also the words that can be used to describe the DJ 310 bookshelf speakers:

“Indiana Line again managed to surprise us with a really valuable loudspeaker system, particularly considering the very affordable price. The music offered exceeds all expectations, especially after a few minutes of warm-up. Then the sound is not only powerful and wide open in the bass, but also the mid and high frequencies become clear and real, just like the stage.”

“It is no coincidence that this product has been a great success, it has been on the market for over 10 years, and even today it is considered one of the most suitable for sound systems with small-cost rooms up to 40 m2“.

In a direct comparison of these two Indiana Line models, you can read:

“I know very well that in my son’s room there would be one pair of DJ310s right away, while my daughter would definitely choose the other, more elegant and neat ones. If the Diva252 speakers are characterized by high-frequency reproduction with high purity and clarity, then the DJ310s are not that far from them, especially if you wait about ten minutes for the tweeter to ‘warm up’.”

“However, taking the width of the stage into consideration, I have to admit that the DJ310s surprised me, while the Diva252s confirmed what I had expected from them before entering the listening room. The stability of voices was present in both models even at high volumes, as was the captivating mid-range, with some advantage in this regard for the smaller model.”

You can find the full review HERE.

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