Enviromental information

Information on the waste electrical and electronic equipment collection system

  1. Leave used equipment in the store where you buy a new device
    Each store is obliged to accept old equipment free of charge (in a 1: 1 ratio) if we buy new equipment of the same type performing the same function, e.g. for one integrated amplifier purchased, only one used integrated amplifier can be returned.
  2. Leave the small used equipment in a large supermarket without having to buy a new one
    Shops with a sales area of equipment intended for households of min. 400 m2 are obliged to accept waste equipment from households with no external dimensions exceeding 25 cm on the premises or in its close proximity, free of charge, without the need to purchase new equipment intended for households.
  3. Return the used electrical and electronic equipment at the place of delivery
    SThe seller, supplying the buyer with equipment intended for households, is obliged to collect waste equipment from households free of charge at the place of delivery of this equipment, provided that the waste equipment is of the same type and performed the same functions as the delivered equipment.
  4. Take the waste equipment to a collection point for used electrical and electronic equipment
    Information on the location of separate collection points for municipal waste can be obtained from the town hall / commune office competent for your place of residence, including the website of this office.
  5. Leave the equipment at the service point
    If the repair of the equipment is unprofitable or technically impossible, the service is obliged to accept the device free of charge.

The equipment collected in this way is sent to specialized processing plants, where hazardous components will be removed in the first place. The remaining elements will be recovered and recycled. Each device powered by electricity or batteries should be marked with the symbol of a crossed bin.

The symbol of the crossed-out garbage bin placed on the equipment, packaging or accompanying documents means that the product may not be thrown out together with other waste. The user is obliged to hand over the waste equipment to a designated separate collection point for its proper processing.
It is not allowed to dispose of used electric or electronic equipment together with other waste!
It risks a fine.
The correct disposal of your old appliance will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.
At the same time, we save the natural resources of our Earth by reusing the raw materials obtained from the processing of waste equipment.
Free collection of electro-waste is provided by separate municipal waste collection points (PSZOK).
The information about their location you will obtain at the town hall / commune office competent for your place of residence, including on the website of this office.

Information on packaging and packaging waste

  1. Information on proper handling of packaging waste

    In order to facilitate processing, all packaging waste should be collected selectively, with the division into its individual fractions:

    a) packaging waste, such as paper, glass, metal, plastic, wood, multi-material packaging and packaging for hazardous substances should be collected selectively due to the type of material which they are made of (in accordance with the adopted regulations for maintaining cleanliness and order in the commune),

    b) packages should be empty and, if possible, in order to reduce their volume, crushed,

    c) packaging waste from hazardous substances, regardless of the type of material which they are made of, should be collected separately.
  2. Meanings of markings used on packaging

3. Information on available return, collection and recovery systems, including recycling of packaging waste

Packaging waste is collected:

a) directly from households,

b) at separate municipal waste collection points, the location of which you can obtain from the town hall / commune office competent for your place of residence, including the website of this office.