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Indiana Line Tesi 561 Test (“Audio Video”, PL)

Indiana Line Tesi 561 are universal floorstanding speakers in terms of musical preferences. This model was tested by the editors of the Polish magazine “Audio Video”.

Already at the beginning, you can read that “the model from the Tesi series that has not been tested so far is a confirmation of the high-quality character of the sound”:

“The sound is rather warm, a bit veiled. The sound is rounded at the edges in the midrange and treble, but within reason. Overall, the musicality is high. The speakers are characterized by a good impression of space.”

The reviewer also noted how well the Indiana Line loudspeakers perform on bass:

“The bottom end is resilient and definitely attractive. It cannot be accused of lack of differentiation, it has a clear structure and clarity. It is powerful and deep. (…) With its help, Indiana is able to create a pretty big sound feeling, which is especially good for home theater.”

The author described Tesi 561 as “friendly and aesthetically made loudspeakers that can be connected with inexpensive all-in-on devices or a classic, budget hi-fi system”.

You can find the full review HERE.

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