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Indiana Line Tesi 261 Test (“Audio Video”, PL)

Indiana Line Tesi 261 are aesthetically made bookshelf speakers that will match not only small rooms. You can find out about it on the basis of a test carried out in the Polish magazine “Audio Video”.

At the beginning, the author draws attention to a characteristic element of all Indiana Line loudspeakers, i.e. Italian design:

“What distinguishes this company’s speakers is the Italian design associated with much more expensive models. All speakers are elegant and neat. Although they are not made of expensive materials and components, they surprise with quality, aesthetics and affordable prices. These are also Tesi 261.”

And what kind of sound can you expect from the Tesi 261 speakers?

“The first association during the listening session concerns a very effective sound, a certain manner that was in force in the 1980s, in a very good sense of the word. The loudspeakers try to beautify the sound and, interestingly, they do it quite well.”

“The edges of the band are clearly emphasized. We will hear a nice, pulsating bass – quite differentiated and colorful, juicy treble. Tesi will not surprise us with the speed of the reproduced passages, although they are far from an obvious slowdown or excessive warming. Bass has its own motor skills and rhythm.”

The loudspeakers were also recommended by the tester and received a 90% rating:

“Overall, Tesi 261 should be considered a successful design. These are very decent loudspeakers, and not only at the beginning of the audio adventure. They offer a soft, effective sound and high-level finishes. In a word, they are pleasant to the ears and eyes. It is worth noting that Indiana will work well not only in smaller rooms. I recommend.”

You can read the full review HERE.

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