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Indiana Line Diva 660 Test (“Stereoplay”, DE)

Indiana Line Diva 660

The Diva 660 is the flagship floorstanding loudspeaker in the Indiana Line portfolio. In the case of this model we are dealing with a 3-way acoustical design equipped with four drivers and a bass-reflex cabinet. Its capabilities were tested by the editors of the German magazine “Stereoplay”.

The author draws attention to the musicality of the Diva 660 model:

“The Italians proved their musical talent with the Diva 660 speakers. Songs such as Eva Cassidy’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ were played with a pleasant warmth that made the listeners melt into thin air. There was no harshness or hint of tension in the singer’s voice. It was pure musical pleasure!”

Diva 660 also showed energy in individual songs:

“The Indiana Line loudspeakers can also be energetic, which was proved in the song ‘The Expert’ by Yello. The Swiss duo’s dynamic electropop did not scare this speaker. Thanks to the large reserves, it surprisingly stayed high, even when reproducing high frequencies.

The reviewer also admitted that Diva 660 provide hours of fun, describing the loudspeakers as “a versatile musical talent” and “an outstanding floorstanding loudspeaker with a lot of musical flair”.

You can read the full review HERE.

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