Diva 3

Indiana Line Diva 3 is a versatile 2-way design refined down to the smallest detail, inspired by earlier bookshelf models in the series. However, the Diva 3 model incorporates many improvements, enhancing the quality of the reproduced sound. These improvements consist of technical solutions, materials, and components. Diva 3 is ideal for smaller rooms where placing floor speakers can be challenging.


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Indiana Line Diva 3

The traditions of the Indiana Line brand date back to 1977. Over its years in the market, it has established itself as one of the most significant Italian-origin brands in the audio industry. Indiana Line’s current product range mainly includes loudspeakers and installation loudspeakers. A fundamental goal of Indiana Line’s equipment designers is to combine the highest quality workmanship with the rational use of components. The result are designs that outperform models in a similar price range.

A New Version of the Top Diva Series

Among the Indiana Line models available on the market, the Diva series loudspeakers hold a special place. This top product line in the brand’s offering perfectly blends refined design with solid craftsmanship and high-quality sound reproduction. Models from the new Diva series feature mechanically and acoustically stable cabinets and a stylish finish, making them a perfect fit for any interior decor. The front panel of the column is painted with matte lacquer (white or black, depending on the color version). The rest of the box is covered with PVC veneer. Two color options are available: a black front with a black cabinet body or a white front panel with an oak body.

Gently Tilted Cabinet Front

The Diva 3 model is a loudspeaker with a cabinet consisting of two parts made of MDF board. The first part is a 25 mm thick front panel, increasing the mechanical stability of the cabinet and preventing unwanted resonances, thereby improving sound clarity. There is a bass reflex port on the front, allowing the speaker to be placed close to the wall. The set includes a foam plug that helps control low-frequency level and lets users adjust the sound to their preferences. The front is slightly tilted back, shallower at the bottom and deeper at the top of the column. The attractive design is highlighted by the magnetically attached, acoustically transparent grille.

Transducers with Improved Design

The midwoofer in the bookshelf Diva 3 model features a new loudspeaker basket design. The ribbing is now more streamlined, allowing for the free flow of air around the back of the membrane, reducing unwanted resonances. The basket was purpose-designed for seamless cooperation with the new proprietary Dual-Wave suspension, ensuring both excellent sound quality and aesthetics.

Midwoofer with Curv Membrane

The 15 cm low-midrange driver in the 2-way Diva 3 loudspeaker boasts a membrane made of Curv material (polypropylene composite), delivering natural sound with precisely processed low frequencies. It’s worth noting that these membranes are produced exclusively for Indiana Line on special order.

Computer-optimized transducer design

The magnetic system in the mid-woofer has undergone optimization using finite element analysis (FEA) to enhance performance across the widest possible range of amplitudes and frequencies. The magnetic core of the transducer is highly saturated, reducing the inductance of the coil and eliminating distortion caused by changes in inductance. Additionally, inductance is linearized, as in many other Indiana Line models, using an Aluring demodulation ring. Thanks to this, the sound remains transparent and clear, regardless of the volume level, and the speakers are unafraid to reproduce even the most demanding songs or musical genres.

Upper Membrane Suspension – Dual-Wave

The low-midrange driver in the Indiana Line Diva 3 loudspeaker features a precisely designed Dual-Wave surround, which expands the range of the loudspeaker’s linear operation. This reduction in distortion, including intermodulation distortion, translates into improved articulation across the entire range, from low bass to the midrange of the acoustic band. This improvement is noticeable in the sound of a wide range of instruments, especially percussion, stringed instruments, and acoustic instruments. The Dual-Wave suspension also reduces uneven frequency response resulting from resonances on the edge of the midwoofer’s membrane. Moreover, the Dual-Wave suspension has an exceptionally aesthetic appearance, reminiscent of professional stage equipment that employ so-called accordion suspension.

Modified Tweeter with a New Frontplate

The Diva 3 tweeter features a unique radial damping chamber, a distinctive feature of Indiana Line loudspeakers. It surrounds the transducer coil, enabling natural treble sound reproduction and eliminating unwanted resonances typical of conventional tweeter designs. The front of the tweeter is cast from aluminum and has an optimally shaped, rubber surface, which shapes the dispersion of high frequencies and allows to fill the listening room with them.

Computer-Optimized Crossover

The speaker crossover for the Diva 3 model has been computer-optimized. Thanks to this, it was possible to predict and verify the behavior of this important speaker component before creating the physical crossover. Its simple yet unique topology was specifically chosen for the Diva 3 model and the electro-acoustic transducers used, and it underwent many hours of listening tests to confirm the achieved effects. The result is a balanced frequency response, low distortion, and minimal power losses. Proper adjustment of parameters, with a minimum impedance of 4 ohms, means that the loudspeaker can work with virtually any amplifier. The tweeter filter section exclusively employs air coils and foil capacitors, eliminating unwanted distortions that often occur with electrolytic capacitors or ferrite core coils.

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The most important features of the Diva 3 model:

  • 2-way bookshelf design
  • MDF cabinet with a tilted front
  • Magnetically attached black grille
  • Computer-optimized crossover design
  • Crossover frequency: 3,5 kHz
  • 150 mm midwofer driver with Curv membrane
  • Dual-Wave – original design of the upper suspension of the midwoofer
  • 26 mm silk dome tweeter with radial damping chamber
  • Bass reflex cabinet with a port on the front
  • Frequency response: 45 Hz to 23 kHz
  • Finish: black or white matte lacquered front with black or wooden PVC coating
  • Suggested amplifier power: 30 – 100 W
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB (2.8 V/1 m)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 335 x 166 x 320 mm
  • Weight: 6,1 kg

Technical data

Speaker alignment / type

2-way / bookshelf

Box aligment / port placement

bass-reflex / front

Driver diameter

low-midrange: 1 x 150 mm, Curv polypropylene, tweeter: 26 mm, silk dome

Frequency response

45 – 23000 Hz

Sensitivity (2,8 V/1 m)

90 dB


3500 Hz

Bi-wiring / bi-amping


Amplifier loading impedance

4 – 8 ohm

Suggested amplifier power

30 – 100 W

Dimensions (H x W x D)

335 x 166 x 320


black, white oak


6,1 kg

100% polyester damping

All Indiana Line cabinets are filled with polyester – a synthetic non-woven fabric of high purity, known for its excellent damping of the internal resonances of the speaker cabinets. What's more, polyester is also extremely resistant to stretching, drying and moisture.

100% polyester damping

Air coils and film capacitors

In order to emphasize the exceptionally clear and natural sound of our loudspeakers, we decided to get rid of the troublesome components from the crossover where it was necessary – in the tweeter filter. In all loudspeaker models in which this filter is used, we use only air coils and foil capacitors. These elements do not introduce harmful distortions to the filtered signal, as is the case with ferrite core coils and electrolytic capacitors.

Air coils and film capacitors


The short-circuit ring is made of pure, perfectly electrically conductive aluminum (1010). It has been placed inside the magnetic system of the mid-woofer. By linearizing the impedance of the loudspeaker, it positively influences the sound of the low and medium frequencies of the acoustic band, significantly reducing non-linear distortions. The ring also absorbs the heat emitted from the speaker coil, increasing its thermal load capacity.


Computer-optimized crossover design

The use of numerical calculations allowed for obtaining a balanced frequency response and low level of distortion, as well as reducing power losses. The obtained sound results were verified by many hours of listening tests. The tweeter filter circuit uses only air coils and foil capacitors. This allowed to avoid distortions that often appear in the case of electrolytic capacitors or coils with a ferrite core. Core coils, when present in a crossover, have a laminated high-silicon iron core, which minimizes distortion from the iron cores.

Computer-optimized crossover design

Curv cone

Curv is a combination of special fibers with high stiffness and high internal damping. It is a material that is thermally formed into a cone profile, which ensures very good directional characteristics of the sound. The Curv cone combines the advantages of membranes made of natural materials (warm and pleasant sound) with the advantages of stiff membranes (high dynamics, precision and a wide, even frequency response). The membranes made of Curv material are also moisture-resistant and are characterized by high durability. The Curv cone has been used in the mid-woofers.

Curv cone

Dual-Wave suspension

The Dual-Wave upper spring is an original, precisely designed membrane suspension that expands the range of linear operation of the loudspeaker. It reduces distortion, especially in the low bass registers, and improves the articulation of the midrange of the acoustic band. This translates into improved sound of instruments, especially percussion, string and acoustic ones. Thanks to the Dual-Wave solution, unevenness of the frequency response, which results from the resonance of the membrane edge, is also reduced, without the need to varnish it. Dual-Wave suspension drivers also have an eye-pleasing appearance that refers to professional designs used, among others, on stages and equipped with the so-called accordion springs.

Dual-Wave suspension

MDF housing with transverse reinforcements

Indiana Line loudspeakers cabinets are made of MDF panels. They are made using the latest production techniques, which ensures high precision of workmanship, great repeatability and excellent performance parameters for many years. MDF is a moisture-resistant material, it is massive and it suppresses all resonances very well. To completely remove unwanted vibrations, we used transverse reinforcements of the cabinet. They take the form of horizontal rings that are located at key points along the entire height of the loudspeaker cabinet.

MDF housing with transverse reinforcements


A radial damping chamber that prevents harmful reflections under the tweeter dome while allowing it to achieve a low resonance frequency. The small, but at the same time strong magnet of the tweeter is surrounded by a space in which – due to its shape – standing waves cannot be generated, which is the case with classic radial chambers located in the axis of the dome.


Rubber tweeter faceplate

Original design of the tweeter's frontplate. It is cast from aluminum and has a rubber surface (instead of the commonly used plastic). Ensures proper treble dispersion. It helps to widen the sound stage and better fill the room with high frequencies.

Rubber tweeter faceplate

Tilted front

The front panel of the column is placed in the box in a unique way – it is slightly tilted back because it is embedded in the box – shallower at the bottom and deeper at the top. This solution is not used by other manufacturers in models offered in a similar price segment. The front panel also has a constant thickness, which varies depending on the Indiana Line loudspeaker model, up to 30 mm, which increases the mechanical stability of the loudspeaker and prevents unwanted vibrations, and also contributes to obtaining a transparent sound.

Tilted front

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