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RD 280

Indiana Line offers high-quality installation speakers, including ceiling speakers for various types of audio systems. The Indiana Line RD 280, the larger of the two twin concentric Indiana Line models, is a two-way concentric installation speaker, which uses a large 210 mm woofer and a 24 mm dome tweeter. As a passive speaker, the Indiana Line RD 280 requires an amplifier whose recommended power is 20-70W. The loudspeaker can be mounted both in the ceiling and in the wall. This model will work as a part of a public address system, even in the most advanced installations, providing emotional and dynamic sound and complementing the fantastic appearance of this company's loudspeakers. Indiana Line, as a manufacturer of models for amplifying any size of space using hi-fi stereo systems and more, offers both floor and ceiling speakers, as well as woofers. Thanks to this, it guarantees the highest quality of sound, which is confirmed by the Indiana Line RD 280 model.