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The Indiana Line Luna installation loudspeaker is a small two-way model whose sealed cabinet is extremely solid. It can be installed not only indoors, but also outdoors, e.g. on a roofed backyard terrace (these are external stereo speakers resistant to moisture and UV radiation). Indiana Line Luna gives you the opportunity to build a compact audio system and guarantees the highest sound quality. It is worth noting, among others high sensitivity of the tweeter with a diameter of 20 mm. The woofer has a diameter of 166 cm. Indiana Line Luna installation speakers will be useful wherever it is difficult to use standard loudspeakers. The user can hang the loudspeaker. You can rotate the mounted speaker – the set includes a special bracket, thanks to which the Luna model can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally. Indiana Line Luna is a passive design, so it requires an amplifier whose suggested power should be in the range from 20 to 80 W.