Indiana Line

Indiana Line is one of the most important Italian brands in the audio world. It began operating in 1977 and its name refers to the company’s roots dating back to the 1960s when it cooperated with the American manufacturer of hi-fi equipment – Utah.

Throughout its activity, Indiana Line implements the philosophy of creating rational hi-fi components whose capabilities significantly exceed the measurable, nominal parameters. As a result, products with elegant, timeless shapes are created that allow you to enjoy amazing sound possibilities for many decades.

Headquarter of Indiana Line is localized in Piedmont, an industrialized region of Italy. The unique character of this region, constantly influenced by neighbouring France and Switzerland, was one of the factors that determined the reputation of the Indiana Line brand. The proximity of renowned stylistic studios, factories and manufactories with highly qualified employees and the best designers and engineers contributed to the rapid development of the brand.

The current offer of Indiana Line consists of a complete product range, from bookshelf and floor standing loudspeakers, through subwoofers to custom installation speakers. Their common feature is the combination of high-quality workmanship with far-reaching attention to aesthetics and beautiful sound. These devices are distinguished by their original design, far from following the generally prevailing trends. All this to remain faithful to the principle that has been adhered to for many years – “the best possible sound for its price”. No wonder that the most frequent phrase in numerous positive reviews is “excellent value for money”.

Indiana Line
Italy, Piedmont

General distributor
Audio Klan
Poland, Warsaw

DIVA 660 – Stereoplay (DE)

DIVA 650 – Audio (DE)

DIVA 650 – Suono

DIVA 650 – Suono (DE)

DIVA 665 – Fedeltà del Suono

DIVA 665 – Audio Review

DIVA 655 – Audio (PL)

DIVA 655 – Audio (DE)

DIVA 655 – Audio Review

DIVA 665 – Audio (DE)

DIVA 552 – Audio (DE)

DIVA 252 + 262 – Fedeltà del Suono

DIVA 655 – Video Hi-Fi

DIVA 255 – Audio Review

DIVA 262 – Audio Review

DIVA 262 – Suono

DIVA 252 – JT Magazin (D)

TESI 661 – Audio & Video (CZ)

TESI 661 – Suono

TESI 661 – Technic-3d (DE)

TESI 661 – Audio Review

TESI 561 + 661 – Stereoplay (DE)

TESI 561 Test

TESI 561 – Audio Review

TESI 561 – Test Comparativo (DE)

TESI 560 – Audio Review

TESI 560 – Hi-Fi Choice (PL)

TESI 261  – Technic 3D (DE)

TESI 261  – Audio Review

TESI 260 – Audio (DE)

TESI 260 – Audio Video (PL)

TESI 240 – Suono

TESI 242 – Fedeltà del Suono

TESI 542 – High + Style (SK)

TESI 542 – Audio Review

NOTA 550X – Lite-Magazin (DE)

NOTA 550X – Horerlebnis (DE)

NOTA 550X – TED Magazine (CDN)